Terms & Conditions

i. These terms and conditions apply to the contractual agreement made between the Frank E Haschka, hereafter referred to as the Performer, and the Booker.

ii. In most cases an amount will be payable in advance of the booking date; hereafter referred to as the Booking Fee.

iii. To facilitate payment of balance, part or full fees, an Invoice will be provided in respect of all bookings.

Application of Terms and Conditions
i. You are agreeing to the following terms and conditions by
a. submitting payment of the Booking Fee relevant to any engagement.
b. confirming any engagement in writing (including electronic) where no Booking Fee has been applied.

Confirmation of Engagement
i. Payment of the agreed Booking Fee shall be deemed as confirmation of engagement in respect of the relevant event or events.

ii. Where no Booking Fee is applied, the written agreement between Performer and Booker which then results in the provision of an Invoice shall be deemed as confirmation of engagement in respect of the relevant event or events.

i. Unless otherwise specified in the relevant Invoice, standard payment terms apply as follows:
a. Booking Fee payable on Invoice, or upon request during booking communications prior to Invoice. In the case of the latter, the Invoice will be noted to reflect the Booking Fee paid.
b. Booking Fee is non-fundable except in the case of Performer being unable to attend and being unable to provide an equivalent replacement.
c. Balance Payment to be provided on or before the date of the event. Where a cheque is to be provided, this must be received by The Performer no less than 5 working days before the event date.
d. If not paid in advance of the booking date, the Booker agrees that all balance payments agreed at the time of booking are to be paid to Frank E Haschka on arrival at venue and that payments are strictly not negotiable on the date of the performance.

Cancellation terms
i. If booking cancelled by the Booker
a. more than 30 days from the performance date; no fee payable.
b. 15-30 days from the event date; 50% of the full fee must be paid.
c. 8-14 days from the event date; 75% of the full fee must be paid.
d. 1-7 days (incl event date) from the event date; the full must be paid.#

ii. The booker agrees that all cancellations are to be made in writing to Frank E Haschka, 15 Llanmead Gardens, RHOOSE, Vale of GLamorgan, CF62 3HX or via email to or via direct social media messaging services (Facebook). The cancellation will only be valid with a reply from Frank E Haschka as a confirmation.

iii. Cancellation by the Performer would be very rare. If the Performer is unable to attend, a reputable professional replacement will be provided.

Re-scheduling the event date
i. Unfortunately the date, once booked, cannot be changed as the date has been held and will still incur a financial loss to the Performer. A change of date request will be classed as a cancellation if requested within the 30 day period prior to the originally contracted date. However, it will also be to the Performer’s discretion if the date can be changed and no other booking opportunities have been lost.

Cooling Off Period
i. From the date of booking, deemed as the day of receipt of booking fee, there will be a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period.